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Enjoy the little things in life...

We have designed an experience to inspire a superior dental appointment. Take advantage of the following amenities and relax, it's all about you!

Paraffin Wax Hand Dip

Our paraffin dip is among the most effective techniques for application of deep heat, which relieves stiffness and pain. Additionally, heated paraffin adds moisture for softer and healthier skin. We follow this with a lotion hand massage.

The Tingle Head Massage

One of our most sensational massages is The Tingle. With gentle massage, it stimulates nerve endings and pressure points on the scalp. The Tingle has exceptional healing properties, eliminating stress and tension. Some people have claimed their headaches disappear!

Hot Towel Compress, including Facial Massage

A hot towel compress can take the edge off a long dental appointment. Followed by a jaw and facial massage to relieve tight muscles.

Total Pillow Neck Support & Blanket

The amazing versatile pillow that cradles you in comfort! Anxiety can induce a sensation of chills; blankets can be a cozy comfort no matter what season is outside.

Eye Pillow Compress, Hot or Cold

A heated compress applied to the eyelids can help relieve meibomian gland dysfunction. It loosens hardened oil, therefore, unclogging eyelid glands. Lid heat therapy also reduces stress and adds a sense of security. Cool compress is available, without the mess of cucumbers!

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