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Spokane, WA dentist discusses the tooth implant process

Tooth Implants from Spokane, WA Dentist

Located in Spokane, WA, Dr. Cory Gaunt of Downriver Smiles understands that patients want beautiful, healthy smiles. Unfortunately, trauma, age, illness, or poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth loss. Thankfully, there are dental options to enhance a smile affected by missing teeth. The tooth implant process maintains the health of the bone while improving the appearance of the smile. Purpose of a dental implant A dental implant is a cylinder-shaped device placed directly into the jaw. Implants provide stability for crowns, bridges, or dentures to replace missing teeth. Aesthetically, an implant topped with a crown looks like a natural tooth. … Continue reading

Cosmetic dentist in Spokane, WA offers services to enhance your smile

Cosmetic services to enhance your smile from Spokane, WA Dentist

Dr. Cory Gaunt of Downriver Smiles in Spokane, WA is a cosmetic dentist who offers services to improve the quality of your smile in appearance and function. A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. Cosmetic services help achieve both. Improve your smile with services offered by a cosmetic dentist Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular. Patients want whiter teeth and more beautiful smiles. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are designed to improve the appearance of the teeth and gums. However, a functional or oral health aspect such as bite, crowding, or a cracked tooth may be improved as well. Downriver Smiles proudly offers cosmetic dentistry … Continue reading

Spokane cosmetic dentist explains the difference between porcelain veneers and Snap-On Smile

Improve your smile with durable, long lasting porcelain veneers

A beautiful smile can improve your self-confidence and help you make a good impression. It impacts personal life as well as your professional one. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Cory Gaunt understands the importance of a winning smile. Located in Spokane, WA, Downriver Smiles offers porcelain veneers and Snap-on Smile, among other procedures to alter the appearance of your teeth.  Beautiful smiles have been sought after for ages. In the 1920s, a Hollywood dentist conceived of veneers to improve the smiles of actors and actresses. Technology has changed, making veneers available to the general public. Today, our patients have the … Continue reading

Benefits of implant supported dentures in Spokane

Benefits of implant supported dentures

Although we wish to maintain our natural teeth for as long as possible, age, trauma, decay, and disease can cause tooth loss. Without teeth, additional dental and health problems may occur. Facial muscles begin to sag giving a sunken appearance to the face. Located in Spokane, Dr. Cory Gaunt of Downriver Smiles offer options such as implant supported dentures to enhance patient’s smiles. Implant supported dentures  For patients looking for more stable dentures, implant supported dentures may be a good option, with a number of benefits. For this treatment, patients need to have enough bone in the jaw to support … Continue reading

Spokane dentist explains why dental implant cost is worth it

Spokane dentist explains why dental implant cost is worth it

Downriver Smiles in Spokane, WA is helping our patients achieve oral health and aesthetic goals, making it our number one priority. If you are missing teeth or if you have teeth that are beyond repair, we offer more than one option to restore your smile. In the last few decades, dental implants have surpassed dentures as the preferred method for tooth replacement. The advantages of implants over dentures and their permanency make them the best value due to their stability, ease of care, appearance, and longevity. What are implants: A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed into … Continue reading

Whitening veneers make smiles sparkle in Spokane

Whitening veneers make smiles sparkle in Spokane

Between nature and what life throws at us, our smiles can really take a beating. If your smile has chips, uneven gaps between your teeth or permanent discoloration, veneers can give you a grin you will feel proud of every day. Maybe you have heard that the cost of a veneer procedure is high. Maybe this has even kept you from finding out more. Downriver Smiles, in Spokane, wants you to know that patients feel the benefits of veneers outweigh the cost. What are veneers: Veneers are custom made thin shells of porcelain designed to cover the fronts of your … Continue reading

Downriver Smiles dental center in Spokane WA makes smile restoration easy for all

Spokane WA makes smile restoration easy for all

When you meet a new person, your smile strongly influences their first impression of you. Have you been suffering with a smile you aren’t proud of? Dr. Cory Gaunt at Downriver Smiles in Spokane, WA believes in everyone having the smile of their dreams. We offer a wide range of dental services designed to create a smile restoration procedure to achieve your goal and path to happiness and health. Some of our patients come to us with missing teeth, others come with cracked and discolored teeth, or with cavities and bad breath. We always consult each patient to determine the … Continue reading

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